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Jaye Moyer, LCSW-R, TEP

A little about me.

I am a psychotherapist a clinical supervisor, mentor, meditation practitioner and teacher. For 30 years, I have had a practice in New York City and in the Hudson Valley.

When Covid arrived, I closed my NYC office but continued my practice up-state. I developed an active on-line presence. Meeting on-line has made it possible to work with individuals, couples and groups all over the world.

Jaye MoyerIn 2008 I became very interested in meditation and have been committed to a study and practice in both Theravada and Tibetan traditions. Their influences, the integration of mindfulness and compassion practice with psychotherapy, has become an essential part of my approach.

Difficult experiences and feelings are actually gateways to healing and livelier spontaneity. Slowing down, we begin to notice and identify patterns that are not useful, nurturing or supportive. I used to think that with enough therapy and meditation, (or whatever we do to feel better), the difficult feelings like anger, sadness, or fear would go away. I no longer believe this. Instead, I believe that our work is learning how to be kinder to ourselves. Like new parents of a child in distress, we have to learn how to attend to our own distress.

In addition to maintaining a committed daily and retreat practice, I entered and completed the Certificate Program at the Institute of Meditation and Psychotherapy. In addition, I completed a two-year Teacher Training program with meditation and dharma teachers, Bill and Susan Morgan. In connection with them, I am a guest teacher on the Daily Sits offered by the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies.

Qualities that are important to me: humor, spontaneity, intuitiveness, kindness and compassion.

I work with people from different religious backgrounds.

Certified trainer, educator and practitioner, American Board of Examiners. Licensed psychotherapist, NYC, Orange County and Duchess County, New York. Former clinical supervisor and coordinator of Group Services at GMHC. Former part-time adjunct faculty, New York University Graduate School of Social Work. Counseled women participating in Safe Homes of Orange County, New York. Co-creator of the “Labyrinth” series for women. Former faculty member of the Psychodrama Institute of New York. Graduate of the Institute of Meditation and Psychotherapy Program 2013. Co-founder of Guest teacher: Barre Center for Buddhist Studies Daily Sit. I co-created where we offer CE- qualified training for mental health practitioners, integrating mindful awareness, meditation and compassion practices with psychotherapy and experiential learning. I have presented at national and international conferences and co-authored “Buddha Meet Moreno”, an article which appeared in the 2019-2020 ASGPP Journal. Learn more about Jaye Moyer at

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If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.
If you want to be happy, practice compassion.
— Dalai-Lama



In these 3-hour workshops, we will deepen our inner world through meditation and mindful awareness...



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“I have deep gratitude for all the learning experiences I have had with Jacquie and Jaye. They have an inspiring gentle presence that they bring to all of their workshops… Jacquie and Jaye have perfectly merged the here & now philosophy of psychodrama with the practice of mindfulness allowing people to develop and rehearse the behaviors of compassion… I encourage every clinician to learn from Jacquie and Jaye as it will grow your own compassion, bring the practice...
Scottie Urmey, LCSW, TEP
The first time I stepped into the Labyrinth I was very naive to the journey I was about to take. I had no expectation, but stepped gingerly, not sure how many walls I would bump into and bounce off of along my way. I had never experienced psychodrama before and am grateful to the women I journeyed with who gently held my hand and guided me. I was unprepared for the raw emotion and the profound learning, and thankful for the incredibly safe and loving environment Jaye...
Sheryl Robinson Bagalio Worldwide Director, Regulatory Affairs
I had the pleasure of participating in the mindfulness group presented by Jacqueline Siroka and Jaye Moyer. As a meditator with experience in several mindfulness-based programs, I found this format especially enriching and meaningful. Each session provided a new framework for applying mindfulness and compassion to one's life while offering a safe, supportive environment to question how these skills support our personal well-being. The opportunity to connect with other...
Mary Bit Smith Second Year Psychology Student, University of Pennsylvania
I attended your session, "Releasing Personal And Interpersonal Wounds Through Forgiveness," was quite please and inspired by your presentation and process. I appreciated your series of warm ups, allowing us to choose mantras, and warming us up to how each of us may have harmed others, been harmed by them, or by ourselves. I was struck by how this process would be welcomed and easily could be adapted and applied to some church groups with which I am associated. Because of...
Rob Pramann
The psychodrama master class was excellent. The teacher was wonderful; the class size was perfect." "The most valuable session I attended was Jaye Moyer's "Active Compassion: Mindfulness in Psychodrama & Group Process." The session was very small (8 participants) and was tremendous as a self-care and re-centering exercise. I have no training in psychodrama, but the experience was very powerful." "Very therapeutic!...excited to roll out with clients &...
Neuroscience to Clinical Practice, VA Spring 2014 Institute: Mindfulness, Compassion & the Arts in Therapy

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