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Training for Social Workers, Licensed Creative Arts Therapists and Mental Health Practitioners.

12 New York State CE credits for the above professions.*

Buddhist psychology offers us a different perspective on our work with difficult emotions and experiences. These difficult mind-states are referred to as “Hindrances”. Hindrances destabilize us. They cover our vulnerability and cloud our ability to see clearly. They interfere with our capacity to connect. The good news is that hindrances are not the problem. It is our response that is problematic and we can work with this.

In this workshop we will learn skills to respond and attend to our internal experience as difficult emotions, or hindrances arise. We will teach and demonstrate the practices of “pausing”, “naming”, “active investigation” and “compassionate presence”. We will draw upon Buddhist psychology as a resource. These practices support stability and presence. They also cultivate spontaneity and resilience and are applicable to any clinical style or orientation.

This training is designed for therapists and mental health practitioners who are interested in integrating mindful awareness, meditation, and compassion practices with their therapeutic work. It is also open for anyone who wants to explore relational mindfulness! This is an experiential program. We will draw upon both our personal and professional experiences. We will utilize group and dyad interaction as well as action exploration, (including role play, role reversal and empty chair exercise). Mindful awareness practices will be integrated throughout the training.


Date Saturday and Sunday, November 9th and 10th, 2019
Time; 10:00am to 5:00pm.
Fee: $300 (additional $20 fee for NYS Social Work CE credits) $275 for early registration by October 15. Scholarships are available.
Location: Sociometric Studios, a Division of the Sociometric Institute 213 West 35th Street, 8th Floor (Room 806) New York, NY 10001
Facilitators: Jaye Moyer, LCSW, TEP and Jacquie Siroka, ACSW
Registration: For more information and registration, please contact:
Jaye Moyer, LCSW, TEP at 845-774-9364, email: , website:
Jacquie Siroka, ACSW, TEP at: 212-947-7111, email:  , website:

** Advanced registration and payment are required. **

*Sociometric Institute, Inc. SW CPE is recognized by the New York State Education Department’s State Board for Social Work as an approved provider of continuing education for licensed social worker #0268, mental health counselors #MHC -0096 and licensed creative arts therapists #CAT-0046.



In these 3-hour workshops, we will deepen our inner world through meditation and mindful awareness...



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The value I receive from attendance in the workshops transcends both personal and professional space. Learning the techniques of deep reflection requires the time to pause, reflect—and discover. Moving from internal reflection to integration and then external action, requires a different set of tools—and practice, practice, practice! The ability to learn these techniques in a mutually-supportive environment with talented and knowledgeable guides and mentors is a...
Marete A. Wester Director of Arts Policy, Americans for the Arts
“You provide a gentle atmosphere of trust by your presence… In my mind, I finally have been able to move beyond the pain by imagining getting validation and support for the injustice; both have been empowering actions that have moved me from the paralysis (caught in the headlight) of victimhood- especially the Benefactor [practice])… I learned to physically connect with my body and soothe myself and have found an amazing way to do so, one I never thought of...
Taz (Time In Sunday workshop participant)
I had the pleasure of participating in the mindfulness group presented by Jacqueline Siroka and Jaye Moyer. As a meditator with experience in several mindfulness-based programs, I found this format especially enriching and meaningful. Each session provided a new framework for applying mindfulness and compassion to one's life while offering a safe, supportive environment to question how these skills support our personal well-being. The opportunity to connect with other...
Mary Bit Smith Second Year Psychology Student, University of Pennsylvania
I attended your session, "Releasing Personal And Interpersonal Wounds Through Forgiveness," was quite please and inspired by your presentation and process. I appreciated your series of warm ups, allowing us to choose mantras, and warming us up to how each of us may have harmed others, been harmed by them, or by ourselves. I was struck by how this process would be welcomed and easily could be adapted and applied to some church groups with which I am associated. Because of...
Rob Pramann
The psychodrama master class was excellent. The teacher was wonderful; the class size was perfect." "The most valuable session I attended was Jaye Moyer's "Active Compassion: Mindfulness in Psychodrama & Group Process." The session was very small (8 participants) and was tremendous as a self-care and re-centering exercise. I have no training in psychodrama, but the experience was very powerful." "Very therapeutic!...excited to roll out with clients &...
Neuroscience to Clinical Practice, VA Spring 2014 Institute: Mindfulness, Compassion & the Arts in Therapy

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