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Time In calendar for 2022

Each Sunday we will explore a different topic that can support us and help us to nurture our hearts and live with more vitality. We will interweave mindful awareness and compassion practices with experiential investigation and group and dyad sharing.


October 16th

“Compassionate Listening”

What is compassionate listening? It is listening deeply, which means:


• as listeners, setting the intention to ground ourselves, to breathe, and to settle, calm and open, as best we can.

• staying open and vulnerable to another’s suffering and distress.

• heeding the etiquette of compassionate listening, a listener doesn’t interrupt, or push a personal agenda for what they would like to hear the speakers say or do;

• moving from a place of knowing, which is based on our perceptions, assumptions, and histories, to a place of not to be surprised and moved.

• Listening with an empathetic ear to what is said and seeing through the eyes of the other.


Please join us as we practice listening together and experience the tremendous relief of feeling listened to and understood!

November 20th

“Unconditional Gratitude”

Gratitude is a developed practice; it is a life practice. It is a practice of appreciating whatever is here right now. Everything, experience, person, opportunity, and obstacle can be a teacher. In this way it is unconditional

People who feel and practice more gratitude experience more joy!

There is scientific evidence of this!

December 18th

“Cultivating Joy and Gladdening the Heart”

• Illuminating joy is not denial of all the difficult things we encounter in life; it does not make the terrible less terrible.

• cultivating joy as a way of being in the midst of all conditions and events of our life is an invitation to transform our understanding of joy

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We live in a fast-paced culture which prioritizes competition, striving, and achievement. With these values we lose touch with our bodies, our hearts, ourselves, and as a result what truly matters. When we are aware, we can more wisely choose actions that connect us to ourselves and others.


In our time-in together, we slow down from our busy lives.


We take time–in to allow our body and breath to settle and calm through mindful awareness and meditation. We turn our focus inward so that we can orient toward our own well- being. Guided and other supportive practices including guided meditations, experiential investigation, group, and personal sharing are also offered.


Each month we will explore a different topic and quality that can help us to nurture our hearts and live with more vitality and presence and compassion. All done with a light touch and a playful tone!


We meet on the 3rd Sunday of the month, from 1:30 to 3:30 PM, ET (all on Zoom).




Every month, we will send out a short video trailer. We will share a guided meditation, followed by experiential exploration and time for group reflection. 


IntegralTherapy is expanding our CE training program for mental health practitioners and creative arts therapists. (CP PAT will be available for a fee.) CE credits available with separate registration and fee.)


If you are interested and would like to drop in, send Jaye an email at  and we’ll send a Zoom link to you a half-hour before the workshop begins.


For more information about our Sunday meetings and CEU Training, please visit us at or (845) 774-9364 or   (212) 947-7111 ext. 201. 




Wednesday morning "Drop In" meditation

Here's a nice way to start and support your day. Come in for a soft landing. Center and Ground. Consider a simple reflection.

Join Jaye at 9:30 - 10:15 AM (New York time ), via Zoom.

This sitting is offered freely. Anyone interested should contact Jaye and she'll send out an invitation.

Date: Ongoing
Time: 9:30am - 10:15am
Location: Zoom Meeting
Contact: Jaye Moyer at (845) 774-9364
Cost: Free

Email Jaye Moyer at | Website:




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There is a long tradition of offering meditation instruction with no expectation of payment. Our “Time In” group and Jaye’s “Drop-In” sits are offered in this tradition: we expect no fee. “Dana” is a part of this tradition. The recipient of our offering might consider offering some amount based on a combination of perceived value and personal means. In the freedom of this exchange, we open to the heart aspects of appreciation, kindness, and gratitude.  In this spirit, we are privileged and honored to receive dana towards our work.


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I had the pleasure of participating in the mindfulness group presented by Jacqueline Siroka and Jaye Moyer. As a meditator with experience in several mindfulness-based programs, I found this format especially enriching and meaningful. Each session provided a new framework for applying mindfulness and compassion to one's life while offering a safe, supportive environment to question how these skills support our personal well-being. The opportunity to connect with other...
Mary Bit Smith Second Year Psychology Student, University of Pennsylvania
I attended your session, "Releasing Personal And Interpersonal Wounds Through Forgiveness," was quite please and inspired by your presentation and process. I appreciated your series of warm ups, allowing us to choose mantras, and warming us up to how each of us may have harmed others, been harmed by them, or by ourselves. I was struck by how this process would be welcomed and easily could be adapted and applied to some church groups with which I am associated. Because of...
Rob Pramann
“You provide a gentle atmosphere of trust by your presence… In my mind, I finally have been able to move beyond the pain by imagining getting validation and support for the injustice; both have been empowering actions that have moved me from the paralysis (caught in the headlight) of victimhood- especially the Benefactor [practice])… I learned to physically connect with my body and soothe myself and have found an amazing way to do so, one I never thought of...
Taz (Time In Sunday workshop participant)
“I have deep gratitude for all the learning experiences I have had with Jacquie and Jaye. They have an inspiring gentle presence that they bring to all of their workshops… Jacquie and Jaye have perfectly merged the here & now philosophy of psychodrama with the practice of mindfulness allowing people to develop and rehearse the behaviors of compassion… I encourage every clinician to learn from Jacquie and Jaye as it will grow your own compassion, bring the practice...
Scottie Urmey, LCSW, TEP
The value I receive from attendance in the workshops transcends both personal and professional space. Learning the techniques of deep reflection requires the time to pause, reflect—and discover. Moving from internal reflection to integration and then external action, requires a different set of tools—and practice, practice, practice! The ability to learn these techniques in a mutually-supportive environment with talented and knowledgeable guides and mentors is a...
Marete A. Wester Director of Arts Policy, Americans for the Arts

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